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Brand positioning is a collective term relating brand marketing and projection to the audience. There are a lot of technicalities associated with this aspect of business management. Market analysis and setting price, promotion schemes and handling competition are all different aspects to how a brand should be positioned. Identification of primary competition and studying their line of action is essential to the success of any business. A step by step analysis of one’s own brand follows this and the results are used to plug gaps wherever seen towards goals of maximum productivity and profit.

From time to time, it might become necessary to re launch or refresh the brand positioning to generate new buzz around the name and products bearing the label. This can spell huge success if done correctly. A fresh image always helps draw customers and investors into the loop and this is especially important for keeping a brand alive.
Brand Positioning 

Media and marketing still carry significant w...

A new study out by Marina Maher Communications and Keller Fay Group reports on what and who influences women, THE market for almost everything. Their study suggests that women “influence-hers” give more weight to media and media brands over “average&rd...
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